Broken Glass?

With us is not a probelm!

Glass is replaced with the professional methods and tools. For installation of a new glass (gorilla glass) we use the original glue LOCA, making transparency binder is up 99.6%. The whole service takes about 2-3 hours.



professional service

Serwis telefonów Samsung, Apple - Good4You

Why Us?

Customer service is always at the highest level
  • the estimated cost of repairs on the description of the damage
  • no charge for diagnosis
  • each time we discuss with the client the cost of repairs
  • 180 days guarantee
  • affordable prices
Without leaving your home 
  • service “door to door” via DHL
  • bicycle courier in Krakow
Time is money 
  • fast service
  • Individual term reservation


The most popular damage
  • smashed display LCD
  • broken glass
  • broken touch
  • damage the motherboard
  • battery replacement
  • speaker
  • microphone
  • contact with the liquid